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Beer: DeuS Brut des Flandres

DeuS is a mixture of the best of France and the best of Belgium!
A nectar of the Gods

Country of origin: Belgium
Alcohol Content: 11,5%
Style: Specialty Beer
Bitterness: 22-35IBU

With a limited production of 15 thousand bottles per year, DeuS goes through a long fermentation process. In the first stage, in Belgium, it is only used pure malt and water. Then, the liquid goes Reims, in the Champagne region (France), where it is placed in champagne bottles and goes through the same process of the local product: rests in the cellars for the second fermentation.

For a year the beer passes through Remuage, process of rotating the bottle everyday so that the yeast sediment settles on the neck. At the end, the impurities are expelled from the bottle, which is again closed, with the final cork, just like the local product. Then returns to Belgium, where it is distributed.

The smoothness of this beer only begins in the elegant contours of its bottle. It is light, golden, bright, effervescent and extremely tiny bubbles color, being crowned by a white collar. Its aroma is extremely complex, developing fragrances of fresh apples, mint, thyme, ginger, malt, pears, hops, pepper-of-jamaica and clove. Its flavor is also complex, but refreshing and delicate, not letting on its high alcohol content. Initially you can feel its soft touch with the language, then its features of a sparkling drink. Its finish has gracefully dry astringent characteristics. Enjoy a DeuS is a unique, unforgettable experience.

Beers: Strong (more than 9%)

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