BE BeerBug

This one goes to the homebrewers!

Wouldn’t you like to know in real time how well is your fermentation going?

is the temperature correct? If my yeast actually working? How much does my fermentation raise in temperature?

All this questions can be answered with this new gadget called BeerBug!

Every homebrewer knows that controlling fermentation is one of the steps that can separate a good brewer from a great one.

So information is the key to create an amazing recipe. With this device you can check on your mobile phone specific gravity, alcohol content and temperature of your fermenting beer in real time!

BeerBug collects data every minute and sends the information to its website, where you can check with your free account. They even created an app for Apple and Android. It also creates graphics so you can follow the evolution of your beer throughout time.

Now you can check anytime, anywhere how is your fermentation. You will know exactly when your yeast slows down. You are going to be able to compare temperatures and yeast activity between your batches or even with some friend’s batch, since the company has created a community in which you can share your information.

You don’t need to open your fermenter, get a sample, use a hydrometer, check the numbers and make temperature compensations anymore. BeerBug does it for you.

Here is a video to explain better how it works:

The product fits most any vessel because it uses the whole for a traditional airlock. It also uses a rechargeable battery that can be used for 25 days, so you don’t have to worry about electricity where you leave your beer fermenting – all you need is a Wi-Fi signal. The company claims that the product is very accurate: +/-0.002 SG per 0.075. But all this doesn’t come cheap: BeerBug costs around US$200.00.

So if you have the money, life is easier with BeerBug, don’t you think?!


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