BE Fizzcs at the bar

Have you ever thought that the beer you drink fresh from the keg from your favorite bar is not the same when you drink at home in a can or bottle?

What if a device could help you in a very simple way?

That is exactly what Fizzics claim to do: create the taste of draft beer from the bottle in your house, in a very easy way, without the help of kegs or gas cartridges.

You don’t need any skill to operate this product, all you need to do is buy four AA batteries and you are set for a new experience. You put your beer inside (in a bottle, a can and even in a growler) and the machine does the rest.

Fizzics promises to make your beer foamy and creamy, enhancing the beer’s aromatic bouquet, mouthfeel and head formation.

The machine encourages foam and carbonation to create the ideal mouthfeel – a beer with a creamy foam. Technically Fizzics pressurizes the canister with your beer, keeping the bulk of the carbonation within the beer. It also uses high frequency sound waves to diffuse gas and promote coagulation of malted proteins, creating uniform bubbles.

Some tests also show that the device makes sweet flavors pop more in your brew. This is great news for Belgian beer lovers, but this is a bad sign for hop lovers, since it smoothens out the bitter flavors in your favorite IPA.

Don’t believe? Take a look at this blind test, created by CENT in a bar:

After a huge success in a crowdfunding platform, where the company raised more than US$240.000, Fizzics is now in the market and is sold only at the American chain store Brookstone for US$170.00.


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