Screaming Beer Machine
BE Screaming beer

One of the best adjectives to describe craft beers is creativity!

We always see the creative brains of the brewers on their recipes, bottles and labels. Different ingredients, beautiful artworks and unique designs are always part of the craft beer world.

And sometimes, some brewers take creativity to next level. Last year, the Canadian microbrewery Farnham Ale & Lager created a picturesque vending machine, presented at the Festibière de Quèbec festival.

The vending machine gives you a beer when you scream at it! And the louder the scream, the more bitter is the beer!

Yes, you read it correctly! If you scream really loud you can get a very bitter beer, like an IPA. If you scream discreetly, you might end up with an American Lager.

The machine has a bitterness meter in the middle of the front display, so you can see the bitterness of the beer that your scream will unlock!

Check out the video!!!


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