Brew Jacket’s Immersion Pro
BE immersion Pro environment

Every home brewer knows how important is to control the temperature of the beer’s fermentation.

Sometimes this brewing step can be very tricky, especially in rooms with poor temperature control.

Brew Jacket created a device called Immersion Pro, which “provides a commercial grade environment for your home brewed craft beer, by seamlessly warming or cooling your freshly brewed wort” (according to the company).

This device can maintain your ferment to 0.5º F of your set temperature. It also warms or cools your wort to 35º F above or below the ambient temperature in your house or small brewery, creating a perfect environment for your yeast to work.

The item is incredibly small and very simple to use: you just need to set the temperature at which you want your beer to ferment and it takes care of the rest.

Immersion Pro works by moving heat electrically. It utilizes thermocouples wired together in a tight package (called a thermoelectric chip) to move heat in the direction of the electrical current. The device has a voltage direction regulator that allows it to control, in real time, which way the voltage flows: either left to right (cooling) or from right to left (heating).

The temperature controller works with many types of fermenters capable to ferment 30l/8 gallons, including the fancy conical kegs.

The item is still in the prototype stage and the company launched the project at Kickstarter. You can pre-order yours for USD200.00. The first items should be shipped as early as April.

You may no longer have to find the coldest closet in your house in the peak of the summer, or the warmest nook in your living room during the winter!


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