Totally Beer is one of the newest breweries in Switzerland!
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We are very happy to inform that Totally Beer is not only this great website where you can find all the information about craft beer around the world!

Totally Beer is one of the newest breweries in Switzerland!

Each month we will release some more interesting beers so you can enjoy an amazing recipe with your friends to celebrate life! We’ve started with some really interesting beers.

Check it out:

The first beer, Tripel du Léman, is a Belgian tripel with great aroma of orange and and a very balanced sweet taste, typical from this style. A robust beer (9% ABV) with great character!

L’Equinox test this new hop that gives our beer amazing refreshing citric notes for this Pale Ale. A light beer with some bitter characteristics, balanced with the malt profile.

With Blanche de la Passion, we took a traditional recipe and put our own twist! This is a Belgian Witbier with the taste of one of our favorite fruits and a very unique pepper: Passion fruit with Timut Pepper!

A very refreshing and balanced beer with citric notes, special for those who love a wheat beer and love some different ideas!

If you would like to try, send us a message and we will be happy to deliver some beers so you can test our new recipes!

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