Who’s the Boss?!
BE Brewdog Beer

After traveling across the world visiting different beer towns, celebrating craft beer and creating their own locally-inspired recipes, BrewDog’s founders and owners, James Watt and Martin Dickie will participate in another TV program.

This time, the famous brewers will star in a new BBC TV Series called Who’s the Boss?.

The company will let the BBC in on their unique recruitment process – collaborative hiring - in which the decision to hire a regional manager is going to be make by the employees, not the executives.

The Scottish brewery will feature in the series’ finale, following a fruit supplier and a chocolate manufacture.

Employee turnover in the UK has been blamed on poor recruitment choices in 80% of cases and the companies will seek to find out if collaborative hiring could find the right person for the job. 

Commissioning editor for the upcoming series Rachel Ashdown said: “Who’s the Boss? is a revealing insight into how three very different companies deal with an innovative form of recruitment and what happens when the power shifts in the workplace.”


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