Goose Island is issuing refunds for 2015 Bourbon County
BE Goose Island Beer

Each year, beer fans stand in long lines to get their hands on some Bourbon County Stout and its special variants.

But at the end of 2015, these beers were in the spotlight for the wrong reasons: many craft beer message boards and social media groups witnessed a lot of speculation concerning problems with the flavor profile developed in 2015 BCBS Coffee and Barleywine.

In response to this problem, Goose Island released a letter from Brewmaster Jared Jankoski explaining that the flavors from these two beers were not consistent with the brewery’s expectations.

“It has come to our attention that since bottling the 2015 Bourbon County Coffee and Bourbon County Barleywine, they have developed flavors that are not consistent with our expectation of how these beers should taste,” explains Jankoski in his letter. “That’s not to say the beer doesn’t taste good, in fact some drinkers may enjoy it very much. However, it doesn’t meet our standards for the taste profile of these beers.”

According to the brewery, the beers are not technically infected. All the products were tested and no known beer spoiling organisms were found. However, the beers have some undesired sour flavors.

This problem is the first one of its kind in Goose Island’s history. The brewery is issuing refunds for costumers that say their beer tastes off-profile until the 29th of February. Anyone can call them with the bottle codes and the brewery will refund the money.


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