Baladin is selling beer in cans!
BE Pop Beer

Craft beer in cans is already an old trend in the US market. But in Europe, cans are still mostly used by the giant breweries.

You can find few canned craft beers such as Blanche de Namur, but all the major European craft brewers are still resisting to this trend.

But an influential brewer decided to step into these polemic waters: Teo Musso from Baladin has created a new beer that won’t be bottled, it will be available only in cans.

Baladin is one of the most successful Italian breweries at the moment and its head brewer and owner, has been creating trends for quite some time. He was one of the minds behind the Teku glass, one of the most popular glasses to taste craft beer in Europe.

POP is a light Pale Ale with a dry hopping of Mosaic and Cascade hops, giving the beer “gentle herbaceous notes, which strike a good balance with the malts”, explains the brewery.

The graphics on the cans and the beer name take inspiration from one of last century’s most representative cultural movement: pop music.

Teo Musso is very excited with this new project: “The can is a something I had wanted to introduce for a long time, to legitimize the concept of high quality beer, whatever its container”.


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