Artist creates pieces of Nanoart from beer!
BE Nano art 05

Brazilian artist Enio Longo, one of the references in the world of Nanoarte, created a series of 21 paintings based on photos of particles of malt, hops and other beer ingredients.

Nanoarte originated from he mix of art, technology and science: based on nanotechnology researches and studies, artists around the world use video and photo records at the atomic level to make this world more attractive to the public, thus awakening the desire for more professional to dive in this area yet so little explored.

For this project, Enio photographed with an electron microscope beers and its components, obtaining intriguing images, which were then used as the basis of his artworks. Usually this art is done on the computer, in graphic design programs. But Enio created a unique method and thorough job: he painted all 21 screens by hand!

"Tasting the beer helped me a lot to develop the paints. Every feature, including its flavour complexity were used as inspirations. I tasted the liquid in several stages and I wrote down everything that seemed relevant and that could contribute to the end result," says Enio, who came to stay 16 hours non-stop working in one piece.

The project is part of the new release from the Brazilian brewery Wals, an equally unusual beer: the brewery replaced the classic roasted grains, so characteristic of the Barley Wine Style by lighter malts, creating what they call a White Barley Wine. Wals Unique was matured in cheery barrels, giving a woody aroma that helps to balance this recipe’s strong flavor, that also has a high ABV - 12%.

Check out the photos here!


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