TeKu Beer Glass
BE Teku Glass

Everyone knows that the glass we use to drink our beer is very important in the sensorial experience, right?!

So we need to take some time to choose the design of our beer glasses in order to increase the our beer tasting. 
So we will share some information about a few interesting glasses in the next few weeks.

In the last few months we found a great glass created with the collaboration of a brew master.

The glass, made in Germany, was designed by Teo Musso, an Italian top craft beer brewer, owner of Baladin Brewery and Lerenzo Dabove, an Italian sensory analyst and beer expert who goes by the nickname Kuaska.

The name Teku is a mash up of the Teo (Teo Musso) and Kuaska. Nowadays, this glass is widely recognized as one of the top glasses available.

The glass was originally created and branded for the Baladin brewery but proved to be so widely popular, that now Rastal has it in its regular line.

Some other breweries are adopting this new glass: The Lost Abbey and Brewdog are few of the names.

The shape of the glass makes it very unique and allows a full sensory drinking experience by capturing and releasing the beer’s aromas in the outward curve of the glass.

It is amazing…you should try!
The glass is really beautiful and you can use it with smoked beers and those with higher alcohol content, such as Barley Wines, Rauch Bier and Belgian Quadruppel.

28/05/2018 09:34:55
Dennis van der Hoek

I am interested in buying bulk orders wine. Would that be possible with your company?

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks in advance,
Dennis van der Hoek
The Netherlands
02/04/2016 12:21:30
hello! how can i buy this beautiful glass?

Hello Tim

Where do you live?
The company who produces is Rastal....I am sure you can find a distributor, no?

03/11/2015 01:49:05
Gary Juels
I have wine glasses very similar and they are 18 0z. People think we are stingy with a 7 oz pour because of the larger size glass. A standard pour looks small because of the design

You are right...sometimes people think the pour is too small due to the size of the glass....

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