Beer Camp Across America is back!
BE Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2016

In 2014, the California-based craft brewery Sierra Nevada was expanding the business and had decided to open a new brewery in the other side of the country: in North Carolina! The idea was to build a second brewery to be able to send fresh beer to the farthest reaches of America.

In order to celebrate this great step, this traditional brewery, which led the way in the early stages of this craft beer revolution, decided to call few friends and put together a seven-city festival tour across the country that would start in the original Sierra Nevada brewery and finish in the new production facility!

And to go along with the ride, they decided to create something new: a multi-brewery collaboration 12-pack!

Some lucky people made the tour in the Sierra Nevada bus! It was a long, but an amazing trip: 16 days; 4.800 miles and 7 craft beer festivals with more than 700 different breweries! A celebration of craft beer like no other!

And in summer 2016 Sierra Nevada will hit the road again! This time it will be a 6-city beer festival.

They’ve already invited 30 craft breweries from all over the country to help them put together the events and the 12 collaboration beers! The line up is quite amazing, filled with great brewers such as The Lost Abbey, Bear Republic, Black Raven, Dogfish Head and Half Acre. (Check here the full list)

In the next few months, Sierra Nevada will release the festival details, including locations and dates, so everyone can enjoy this amazing event next year¨

In the meantime, here is the video from 2014!!!

22/10/2015 07:16:37
Dave Nugen
You guys really need to get down here to Huntsville, AL!! Our Craft Brew scene has exploded!!!!

Really?!  It is a great idea!  In the meantime, would you give us some details about the news over there?
Maybe you could help us and write about this for the website! What do you think?


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