BE Licor Amer Biere

Every once in a while, we see products being added to our so beloved beer. In some countries, people add lemon juice or soda, others add even currant syrup.

Most of the time, this liqueur is used to decrease the bitterness and the the alcohol content of a beer, helping people who is looking for something lighter and fresh.

But in our wanderings, we found in France, specifically in the region of Alsace, a product that does exactly the opposite: it makes your beer stronger and more bitter. Its called Amer.

Many people believed (some still believe) that this type of liquor has medicinal properties because of quinquina, which is present in almost all recipes.

Today, Amer Bière is the brand of a leading producer in the Alsace region. Another well-known brand in France, Belgium and Luxembourg is Picon.

The most traditional recipe of this drink has an ABV of 15% and beyond quinquina, it contains a medicinal plant called gentian and orange; but there are other versions with other citrus fruits and even distilled beer!

According to a leading producer in the region, Amer Bière has fresh and fruity notes from the oranges and the bitterness of the gentian enhance the traditional taste of your beer.

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