Duvel buys a share of Brouwerij t IJ
BE t IJ tanks

This weekend the Belgian newspaper De Tijd informed that the Belgian brewery Duvel Moortgat buys a share of the the Amsterdam Brouwerij t IJ. The proportion that Duvel took of the the Dutch brewery is unknown, but the news confirmed that the current management will continue to run the business.

The deal brings financial strength, brewing technology and a large distribution channel to the Amsterdam brewery. Patrick Hendrikse, one of ’t IJ’s partners explained the idea behind the deal: "We have so far all to find out about it. But we are now at a point that our continued growth requires the expertise of a larger brewers, like Duvel Moortgat. The intention is to eventually look together for a location for a new large brewery. But now we will first look at how all together we can raise the capacity at our current locations. »

This is the second brewery that became part of Duvel’s portfolio this year. Few months ago, we saw US Firestone Walker Brewing Company becoming part of this Belgian beer company.

Founded in 1985, Brouwerij t IJ has been influenced by the Belgian beers since the beginning. Some of its recipes are very famous and have been considered great beers around Europe, specially in Amsterdam. Today the brewery has two locations and a annual capacity of 20 000 hectolitres.


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