Oktoberfest ignores craft beer
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Every year the Germans see a huge flow of beer lovers reaching Munich for one of the biggest and most traditional beer festivals in the world: Oktoberfest! This year the event starts this weekend (September 17th) and will last until October the 4th.

Germany has the second highest beer consumption per person in the world, with 110 liters per citizen. And Bavarians are even more passionate about beer: the annual consumption in this region reaches around 170 liters per person!

Although Oktoberfest is a must in anyone’s wish list due to its tradition, craft beer lovers are not very happy with the beer choices.

Only six of the largest German breweries will sell their products this year. And most of them will present only one or two recipes. The most traditional one is Märzenbier, a lager with about 7% ABV and slightly stronger than a regular German beer.

Michael Möller, from Hofbräu says that size matters in this type of event and craft breweries would have a hard time: "I understand that the small breweries want to be there (….) but none of the craft beers would work. These are indeed very interesting and tasty beers, but not made to be drunk in large quantities."

"We pay 1.5 million euros to the organization before we sell even one beer," he continues. "One can quickly lose money at the Oktoberfest. If you are not careful and does not find the right supplier and partner, the costs can quickly run out of control."

Oktoberfest expects to attract more than 5 million visitors that will drink about 6 million liters in the next weeks!

16/09/2015 09:34:18
Troll news?!
Oktoberfest: It is NOT a traditional BEER festival. Its a traditional FOLK FESTIVAL. Except that, its about the 6 Munich Breweries which are the only who have the rigth to sell Oktoberfestbier. Thats great and it has to stay so. Otherwise it wouldnt be Oktoberfest. And the explanation from Hofbraeus Executive is true, too. Enjoy beer the way it has been brewed and at the right spot. Cheers, Sakis
16/09/2015 05:35:59
Has got to be one of the silliest news reports ever.

Hello Nate,

Thanks again for the feedback...


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