The Beer Matchmaker 01: Brewery Tours
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Hello, my beer-loving friends!

Beer is typically made with just four ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water. And yet, there are many other elements that enhance, excite, showcase and transform beer into an explosively awesome experience. 

I love beer and this column is an expression of my love. If this job existed, I would be a beer matchmaker, finding the combinations of beer + X that makes so many others declare their love for beer just like myself. Over the last few months I have started a more focused search for the X element...I find that it can be anything! I will aim to cover one element in each of my columns.

I am not a writer by profession; in fact, I am not even working in the beer industry but I was a management consultant for a while and my knack for measuring success will come out in this column at times for what would be a good matchmaker without the ability to showcase success.

I just came back from a trip to New York and I am still buzzing with excitement from seeing how far the craft beer movement has come. I am not going to do justice to Brooklyn Brewery with this column, but Ill try to focus on one thing of the many that I liked about how they built their brand.

So the first X in my series is the brewery tour. I went to Brooklyn Brewery on a sunny Saturday afternoon and I realized that the price to see the engine room of this brand is not the cost of the tour (its free) but rather the waiting time, first sign that this is a successful brewery. First, I had to wait for an hour to get into their tasting room, a melting pot of accents, ages and backgrounds. Then, with one of their amazing ales in hand I get on another queue to enter the brewery. I hear a young lady commenting to her friends, "Ive tried to do this beer tour twice and I couldnt because the wait was too long or they had no more tickets". You cant pay enough for this kind of endorsement.

I spent the next thirty minutes listening to a vivacious guide tell the story of Brooklyn Brewery and their beer. I am not so much impressed by the story as I am by the effect it has on people. It is like we were all invited to the backstage room of a star and we had an appointment with her, up close and personal. We could feel proud of her accomplishments, we could admire her craft and we could become a small piece of her history. This is the magic of building an emotional connection with a brand; its a powerful tie that transcends time. 

Waiting line to enter Brooklyn Brewery

There are many other reasons why Brooklyn Brewery is the 11th largest of 3.500 craft breweries in the US (according to the tour guide). But I am certain that giving the world access to their backstage has paved the way to success. Ive experienced Brooklyn Beers youthful exuberance and I hope to see her blossom into an accomplished global artist in the coming years.


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