Belgian Beer Weekend 2015
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This weekend, from Friday the 4th until Sunday the 6th of September, Brussels will hold an amazing event: Belgian Beer Weekend! An event to celebrate Belgian’s national drink: beer, of course!

Once again, the event will take place in one of the most beautiful areas of the city: The Grand’Pace of Brussels, an amazing square with few of the most impressive buildings in the city! This is an open event, where the entrance is free.

Belgian Beer Weekend is a massive beer festival, with over 200 beers on offer! Every year roughly 80.000 people arrive in the city from everywhere just for this event.

The event presents a wide range of breweries from all sizes: you can find beers from a giant brewery such as Ab InBev, but on the other hand, you will find many of the famous Trappist beers, for example. You also can find all the world-wide famous Belgian breweries such as Duvel, Bosteels, Het Anker, Huyghe, Dupont and many more. The list is very long, with more than 40 breweries, and filled with other small breweries that will help you understand why beer is so important in this country.

And the Bar National, just outside the Grand’Place, behind the Stock Exchange Building, will be part of the event, serving some amazing beers sold in 75cl bottles so you can taste new recipes with friends, in a more cozy environment, with a lounge atmosphere, with nice music.

The bar will also present some info sessions with key figures of the brewing world, so you can learn more about the beer industry while sipping your glass.

Very busy event, with queues most of the time. So you need to be wise and create a plan of attack before hand! But this is a great opportunity to learn more about small breweries that are not famous yet and new beers from your favourite breweries…a great opportunity to have fun, enjoying some great beers!

Are you around Brussels and planning to go?
If not, let’s organize ourselves for next year!!!!

Here are some pictures from last year….


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