Craft Bier Festival 2015

It is time to celebrate the Swiss Craft Beer!

Sunday, September 6, Rapperswil receives once more the Craft Bier Festival - the best festival to get to know the Swiss craft beer scene, with great recipes from all kinds of breweries.

And the atmosphere is unique. The event is inside a castle’s courtyard! You will taste these amazing beers under a huge clear tent that allows the sun to pass through and serves as protection from the rain, if necessary.

Craft Bier Festival 2015 will have 25 breweries with over 50 recipes on tap. The festival has grown from 20 biers on tap and 500 guests to this popular event, that received more than 2.000 people last year, making this festival an important event to promote the Swiss Craft Beer scene and to bring some additional exposure into the local market.

The event’s website explains very well their effort to level the playing field: " - All biers at the festival are presented side-by-side, by style, in an equal manner for tasting. This means there is no advantage from a marketing perspective—bier will be consumed and appreciated based on its quality and characteristics."

Some workshops will be held inside the castle, just like last year. The first - Chocolate & Bier - one is a 30 minute session with experts that will guide your palate in pairing chocolates with several beer styles. The second workshop - Cheese & Bier - with the help of experts, teaches the beer lovers to pair some amazing beers with local cheeses.

Guests will receive 10 tokens to taste some beers (beers cost from 1 to 3 tokens), a tasting glass and a beer passport - a brochure with a description guide to help them to learn more about the available beers and to take notes on their favourite recipes. This entrance package costs CHF 50.

Packages are available on the festival’s website, so you can guarantee your entrance. 
Since last year the event ran out of space, this year the organization has limited the number of tickets, and if this number is sold online, there won’t be able to buy the entrance pack at the door. So buy your ticket online to make sure your trip to Rapperswil is a great success!!

Here are some pictures from last year and this year’s beer list:


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