World Beer Awards 2015 presents its USA winners
BE WBA Awards 2015

The World Beer Awards, one of the most prestigious global prizes in the beer world which selects the very best international beer in the most traditional styles, has announced its country winners.

This years’ numbers have not yet been revealed, but in 2014 more than 600 beers from 30 countries were evaluated.

Every year regional stages are held in Asia, Europe and the Americas. All regions have their own Chairman and group of judges who select the style winners in their region. Style winners from all regions are then tasted against each other to select the Worlds Best in that Style. From these world winners, the judges select the World Best Beer.

On the 12th of August, the awards organization presented the winners of each style in each country, who will be automatic qualified to the final stage, where the best beers in the world will be elected.

The biggest winner this year in the United States is Samuel Adams, with 9 beers considered the USA’s best recipe. The brewery also got 6 gold medals (they give a gold medal for the second best), 5 silvers and 1 bronze medals.

In second place, we have Deschutes Brewery, with 8 beers considered USA’s best, 3 golds and 2 bronze medals.

Rogue also has 4 beers considered USA’s best, reaching the third place and with its Rogue Ales Brutal IPA considered USA’s Best Bitter over 5%.

The IPA category, the most famous one in the US, has also some interesting winners: Saranac has the best IPA (Legacy IPA) and the best Imperial IPA (Saranac Imperial IPA); Fish Tale Ales Swordfish Cascadian Dark Ale was elected the best Black IPA.

The final announcement with the world winners will be held on the 24th September.


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