Sam Calagione says no to AB InBev
BE Dogfish bottle opener

At the end of July, Brewbound, one of the most influential craft beer portals in the US, announced that the industry giant, AB InBev reached out to Dogfish Head to start some conversations about a possible deal in the future.

“They reached out to us and wanted to talk about some of their recent craft deals and arranging something similar,” said Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head for Brewbound.
But unlike many other craft brewers, Sam didn’t even talk to the executives of the global enterprise. He informed them that he was not interested in the meeting and invited them to participate in a regular visit day in his brewery.

The CEO and founder of Dogfish Head explained that he don’t intend to change the family status of his business in the coming years with some strong statements: “The BA definition of an indie craft brewery is too important to me,” he said. “We are a family-controlled company, but we have other stakeholders. We are always going to come from a pure place and I feel an obligation to keep Dogfish Head a family-owned company that prioritizes our passion for beer over a passion for making money.”

The AB InBev interest at Dogfish Head is comprehensive, since the brewery is showing growth of over 10% annually over the past 17 years. The craft brewery also has a craft distillery, a hotel and a brewpub in Delaware.

The brewery now produces more than 250,000 barrels (about 30 million litres) of beer and has as its flagship 60 Minute IPA, which represents almost half of its sales in volume, followed closely by 90-Minute IPA and its version of the Belgian Witbier, Namaste. After a large investment made about two years ago, the brewery still has spare capacity to double its production but it rather grow in a more organized way despite the existing market potential.

19/08/2015 12:18:55
no AB but Brooklyn Brewery! Its the lay of the land. Acquire or be acquired. Grow or die. Basic business, when did the room turn into politicians. If you like the liquid great, share it. If you dont then dont. Its beer for Christ sake. I didnt stop listening to my favorite local artist because he got a record deal. I stood up and clapped gave him a hell yeh and buy every album.

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