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Small-scale batches to create recipes of a quality and character that far surpass mass-produced beverages. Isn’t the idea behind craft beer?

This is also the idea behind the production of spirits, that lead some of this same craft breweries to start to move a bit away from the fermentation tanks and approach the distillery copper tanks.

The link between craft beer and distilling is quite big since both beverages begin with a grain mashing to release fermentable sugars.

Some of the most exciting breweries around the world have stepped into this different market in the last few years, expanding their alcohol knowledge in different spectrum.

In England, Adnams Brewery has created a modern micro distillery inside their new brewery completed in 2008. The brewery believes that their innovation DNA will bring something new for this new market: « As a Brewing Engineer I have always been fascinated by the world of distilling and clearly understood the synergies and advantages in brewing and distilling activities on one site, together with the challenges that needed to be overcome to do so », explained Jonathan Adnams, the brewery’s Chairman.

Even the famous guys from Brewdog have plans to build a distillery in their new brewery expansion. The brewery is importing some artisan German copper tanks to build a 6.500 litres distillery in their new building.

In the USA, spirits has become a new trend among some craft breweries.

Dogfish Head has a small distillery at their brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, where the brewery creates some recipes to honor it slogan - off-centered ales for off-centered people - but in this case, off-centered spirits. The company has some interesting rums, vodkas and gin.

Ballast Point is one of the most experienced companies in the art of balancing fermentation and distillation into its portfolio. The brewery has been creating exciting spirits for over a decade. Today its product line includes 14 spirits, all made and bottled on site in Scripps Ranch.

Teo Musso, from Baladin, has also embraced this new trend. Partnering with Villa Rosati distillery, Baladin has gone into a different direction. The brewery selected some of the company’s recipes to pass through the distillery process. These beers are left to age for a long time in oak barrels to add some great aromas. In some cases, Teo even do a cold hop infusion to add some interesting extra notes.

It seems like a natural movement for some breweries. Some may think that distillation might be the next step for those who love to create alcohol products from fermentation.

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