Italian is considered the worlds best beer sommelier
BE Italy

In the 19th of June, the fourth edition of World of Beer Sommeliers Championship was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The event, organized by one of the most renowned associations of the beer segment - Doemens Akademia, had 48 sommeliers, representing 10 nations. All were classified for the final event through championships in their respective countries.

The qualifying tests were held at the Academia Barbante de Cerveja (Beer String Academy). They consisted of a trial practice of styles - a blind taste event, a theoretical test and an off-flavors test. After this sequence of events, the top three for the grand final were selected. The other three finalists were selected through two other intermediate tests.

The showdown, where each participant presented to the public a beer chosen at random, was carried live on the stage of the Degusta Beer & Food, the biggest trade show for craft beer in the country.

Later that night, at a dinner only for special guests at the restaurant Brace, inside Eataly in São Paulo, the result was announced, to the delight of the participants.

The winner, considered the best Beer Sommelier in the world, this year is Italian Simmonmattia Riva, who owns a pub in the city of Bergamo.

"The victory of an Italian is still more important for the competition. After all, the Italian market of specialty beers also grows much every year - such as the Brazilian - and it is very nice that the beer culture gains this great Italian school. Even in a market so famous for wine production and that starts to get some spotlight also in the beer segment, "said Joyce Oliveira, educational manager of the Academia Barbante de Cerveja.

Second place went to the German Frank Lucas. And the only woman qualified for the final, Irina Zimmermann, took third place.

The best Brazilian was Rodrigo Sawamura, which ranked fourth.

The Swiss Roger Brügger and the Brazilian Andre Soares Rodrigues were tied for fifth place.


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