Portable Breathalyser
BE Breathalyser

Drinking and driving is an issue in every single country because it is one of the biggest causes for accident nowadays.

A survey of 178 countries finds 30 to 40 percent of road deaths are caused by alcohol. Experts from the World Health Organization say drunk driving is more than just a law enforcement issue. It is also a public global health concern.

In the US 44% of the deaths in accidents involving a car is caused by a drunk driver. In Brazil, the numbers are high too, 30%.

The laws change from country to country, but what doesn’t change is the fact that every government has issued laws restricting even more driver’s alcohol consumption nowadays.

In some countries like France, the drivers of all motor vehicles must carry a breathalyser, a test to determine the level of alcohol in the body.

I always thought that this type of product would be very expensive and would be hard to everyone to have at home or inside the car.

But to my surprise, this week I found here in Geneva (Switzerland) a DrinkTest . What is pretty amazing is the price: CHF3.00 (US$3.15).

The test is very easy to use: you blow in one steady breath into the neck of a bag, close the bag, squeeze it and wait for a couple of minutes for the result.

Even if this is not a law in your country, this test is a good idea for you to have in your car, so you can make sure that you are alright to drive the next time you go out.


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