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Everything started with three young friends brewing at home in very small batches, as many people we know do. The year was 2001, and the passion for craft beer was growing every day in their hearts.

Those three young brewers - Reto Engler, David Paraskevopoulos and Gabriel Hasler- decided to follow their passion and went to Belgium and Germany to watch and learn with some of the most traditional breweries that Europe has to offer.

The brewery name not only gives credits for Gabriel for his brewing kit, that started everything, but also refers to the image of the mad scientist, a tireless experimenter.

It took them more than a decade to decide to go further with their passion. But in 2012, the official brewery of Docteur Gab’s was born to be a great success.

Nowadays the brewery is in Claie-aux-Moines, on the heights of Lausanne in a very nice setting. The building is not the perfect one for a brewery because it has lots of small rooms, making the brewery a kind of a maze where brewers need to find they way around every day. But it a two-story building, so gravity helps a lot in the process.

The brewery has a system of 2.500 litres and keeps growing every month to reach as many thirsty costumers as possible. With around 15 employers, the brewery has became one of the most important names in this new craft beer trend in Switzerland, specially in the French part of the country.

Docteur Gab’s has a very solid product line with beers that can please from the simple drinker of light and fresh summer beers, all the way to the great beers connoisseurs. All the beers aren’t pasteurised or filtered. The beers are alive: all of them suffers a second fermentation in the bottle, creating carbonation in a natural way and making the beers even more delicate and tasteful.

You can arrange a visit every Saturday afternoon to get to know the owners and all the secrets of their recipes. The staff is very friendly and the owners are very nice and informal, so the talk is as pleasant as their beers.

And at the small bar inside their premises, they suggest a beer tasting after the visit, where you can get to know their beers better. (CHF 15 per person)

And in the beginning of every season they have a day where the brewery is open for the public, so everyone can stop by and take a look. And this event also works as the launch of their seasonal beer, that everyone can enjoy it.


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