BrewDog announces where they will brew in the US
BE Brewdog map

Last April, Martin and James, from BrewDog, announced that they were going open a brewery in the USA.

At that time the rumours were that the Scottish were planing to build their American Headquarters in Ohio, due to its strategic location in the middle of the country.

And now the rumours are confirmed by the brewery: "We have provisionally agreed a deal to acquire 42 acres of land in the Columbus Region and will be constructing a full-scale 100,000 square foot kick ass craft brewery there, giving our legion of North American friends access to the freshest BrewDog beer imaginable."

The project is even bigger than imagined. BrewDog announced plans to invest US$ 30 million in the construction of its US brewing facility. The project will also house the brewery’s US offices, a visitor centre, a craft beer restaurant and a tap room. The construction is forecasted to end by August of 2016.

BrewDog pretends to install a custom 100 barrel brew-house, a canning machine, packaging line and a small bottling line for special edition bombers. They look to brew not only their full beer line such as the famous Punk IPA, but also some small unique batches to the local market.

This new brewery will employ over 100 people and the Scottish are looking for all kinds of people to work for them, from the simple jobs all the way to the CEO. If you would like to apply for a role, just email them (

The deal is almost done, there are few final details left to agree, as this project is based in some incentives that are not yet approved.

The project will be partly fund though "Equity for Punks", a initiative to find beer lovers who want to buy some shares of the brewery so they can raise money to expand. The company is aiming to raise £25 million by issuing over 500.000 new shares. (Here are the project’s details).


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