Geneva has the most expensive beer in the world!
BE Beer Price Index

Every year the GoEuro website releases a study that compares beer prices in many cities around the world. The research looks for prices not only in bars, but also in local supermarkets.

Research for the 2015 Beer Price Index combines data from 75 cities around the world, including the 5 most commonly imported beers as well as the main local beer. It looks for prices not only in bars, but also in local supermarkets.

The idea of this research is to show how much a traveller is likely to spend while in various destinations, therefore purchasing power is not factored here.

In other words this list shows the price of a beer in a city converted to USD using the exchange rate on the 12th June, 2015. It doesn’t matter salaries or cost of living in that city.

Therefore currency appreciations and devaluations play an important part in this list, that represents the cost of a beer for a traveler when going to a foreigner country.

This large change in the Swiss Franc exchange rate in the last few months put Geneva in the top of the list with an average of US$6.32 per bottle of 330ml, surpassing last years most expensive city, Olso. The swiss city charges over US$10 for a bottle of beer in a bar.

Similarly, US cities have become relatively more expensive since the US dollar appreciated against the euro.

There are six American cities in the list. The most expensive is New York, in the 5th position.

And the cheapest is Los Angeles in the 38th position. You also have Miami (7th), San Francisco (21st), Boston (27th) and Chicago (30th).

The list also have some big cities famous for its beer culture: Brussels is in the 40th position; Munich is a bit cheaper: 43rd position. And London is in the 27th place.

The cheapest beer is in Krakow, where you can buy a bottle for US$0.62 in a supermarket and for US$2.70 in a bar (average of US$1.66)

Prices for beers in bars might be high for you, but there is a explanation: all the bares used in this research are inside hotels, and normally they are pretty expensive!

Here is the full list. Just so you can understand the list, it starts from the cheapest city going all the way to the most expensive.


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