AB Inbev settled Beck’s class action
BE Cerveja Becks

Once again Ab Inbev is in courts because its consumers are convinced that they were led to believe that a beer from its product line was brewed outside of the United States.

The first time, the company was sued because consumers thought that Kirin beer was brewed in Japan.

Now, this past week a class action against AB Inbev was settled. This lawsuit, in which the accuser is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group, states that phrases like “Originated in Bremen” and “German Quality” have mislead Beck’s drinkers into thinking the beer is still German.

Once upon a time, there was a beer named Beck’s who was brewed in Germany. And this happened until 2002. At that time Interbrew purchased the German brewery and later merged with Brazil’s AmBev to create InBev. A little after, the new beer conglomerate bought Anheuser Busch.

After all those changes, AB InBev decided to brew Beck’s in St. Louis, Missouri, just like Budweiser!

Now all those who have purchased Becks since May 2011 and were organized enough to keep receipts are eligible to receive 10 cents back per bottle purchased ($50 maximum).

And even if you didn’t keep your receipts, you still can get some compensation, up to $12.

As part of the settlement, Ab InBev will have to pay over $3 million in attorneys’ fees and also agreed to make some labelling adjustments , making the saying « Made in the USA » more visible.

A final approval hearing will happen in the fall to finish the deal. Then, everyone will be able to fill a form on the internet to get the compensation.


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