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Baladin is one of the most creative breweries in Europe at the moment.

Teo Musso, in order to create a link between his father’s line of work - wine - and his great beers, created Baladin Cellar, with over 160 barriques to age some very special brews.

Built in the house where the brewmaster was raised, this new project has some very interesting creations and we decided to try one of the most special ones.

Xyauyu Kentucky is aged in a oak barrels with a different twist. The brewery, using a cold infusion technique, adds a great Italian product into the wood: Kentucky tobacco.

And the result is amazing!

This is not your regular craft beer: it has practically no head and no gas. But as one of my friends that tasted the beer with me, who happens to be a great brewmaster as well: You don’t need head and gas in this beer!

The tobacco infusion give the beer a complex taste, with great aroma. You can smell the sweet aroma of the tobacco balancing very well with some cherry notes.

The beer comes in a beautiful dark red color, almost dark brown.

When you taste it for the first time, the smoke notes come strong combined with some hints of fruit and alcohol, giving the recipe a great balance.

The aftertaste has some hints of vanilla and tobacco, with a bitter dry finish. leaving your mouth in heaven!

As the beer is strong (ABV 14%), you can taste very well the alcohol in every sip, but it is not that strong and you may believe.

The beer is pretty rare. Maybe you will be able to find it only in Italy and in their bars around the world.

And because of this expensive process, this beer doesn’t come cheap: around EUR 30 for a 500ml bottle.

But every cent paid for this beer is very well spent! If you find one of those, do not hesitate to buy it! You won’t regret it!

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