IV World Beer Sommeliers Championship
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The Doemens Academy, one of the most prestigious associations in the beer segment, organizes every two years the World Beer Sommelier Championship. This year, the fourth edition of the event will be held in Brazil, in São Paulo.

The Fourth World Beer Sommelier Championships will feature 50 sommeliers, selected from thousands of professionals in regional and national championships.

The contest will be held in two parts, with three qualifying rounds and a final. The first three rounds will take place on the premises of the Academia Barbante de Cerveja (Beer String Academy), without the presence of the public.

The first qualifying round will have a theoretical multiple-choice test, a practical test of off flavors and a practical beer style test.

The second qualifying round will test the skills of the participants to sensory descriptions and the third and final qualifying round will test the participants’ skills to pair Food and beers.

Six participants will go to the final round - three from the first qualifying round, two from the second and one from the third.

The final proof will be on the same day (July 18), at the end of the day, at the Degusta Beer & Food trade show in a live presentation.

This step will test the skills of six finalists for all typical beer sommelier knowledge (beer style, sensory description, time consumption, harmonization, service, market, etc.).

It will be an impromptu presentation of up to 10 minutes in front of the public and will help the prestigious international jury to decide which of the competitors will be the champion.

"Over the years, the number of trained sommeliers exceeded two thousand professionals in courses that have been offered internationally in countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Brazil and Spain. The championship promises to be an exciting competition, married with delicious soaking times in the brewing environment. The beer sommeliers help increase the pleasure and quality of life, and disseminate the culture of beers, "said Cilene Saorin - sommelier and brewmaster - Doemens director of education in Brazil.


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