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Dubuisson Brewery had in Surfine its most popular recipe during the 1930s and 1940s.

The Saison style has its origin in the farms of the Belgian province of Hainaut, where farmers brewed this recipe in the summer to cool off the temporary workers who would come to help during the hot months.

In late 2014, the new generation of the Dubuisson family decided to bring the past success back to the joy of brand lovers.

The idea is to keep all original, not only recipe, but also logo and production process.
Surfine is a classic Saison in triple dose: produced with 3 different malts, 3 different Belgian hops and fermented with 3 types of yeast.

A light beer (alcohol content of 6.5%), with a beautiful golden color and a very white and persistent head.

The aroma brings malted notes with and small bitter touch. The taste is slightly bitter with floral and citrus notes, leaving a dry taste in the mouth, preparing it for the next sip.

A light and refreshing beer, with a different take over the wheat beers (very popular in the summer). A great choice for those who want to refresh with quality!

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