Eataly opens its first store in Latin America - and with a micro-brewery!
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In May, the famous high-end Italian products store arrived in Latin America, with its first store in São Paulo.

Eataly is the largest chain for Italian gastronomy in the world, focused on craft products. The company has as its major pillar the fact that encourages its customers to learn and experience all that gastronomy has to offer.

And within its shop in São Paulo, there is a micro brewery that will produce at least four beer styles (Bohemian Pilsner, Witbier, IPA Tripel and Session) and will be the source of most of the taps of the many restaurants scattered inside the establishment.

The idea is to use the brewery to promote exchange programs for brewers from Brazil with professional from all over the world with visits from segment celebrities, as Teo Musso - owner of the Italian brewery Baladin. He has already a second trip scheduled for September when he will produce a new collaborative beer.

The Academia Barbante de Cerveja (String Academy Beer) is responsible for the brewery. Formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the beer market, the association represents in unprecedented manner different beer schools, including the famous WBA (Word Brewing Academy) - entity composed of two renowned schools: Doemens Akademie from Munich and the Siebel Institute of Technology, from Chicago.

Marcelo Stein, one of the academy’s creators, proves very confident with the new project: "From this marriage, we will form a pole diffuser beer culture unquestionably. Specially in a region of the city such as Itaim which is very appropriate for this space "

"Our products have a direct relationship with the culture of the store and its gastronomy focus. Our professionals will also be on duty circulating through space to explain to consumers about the beer universe and our beers," points out the entrepreneur.

The Eataly project, which is a huge success in many cities such as New York, Turin and Istanbul, promises to change the craft beer segment in the city!

Let’s wait and see!!!

And take a look at the pictures of the opening night, courtesy of our friends from RockBreja!


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