Panaché, Clara or Radler
BE Beer Panache

Have you ever thought to mix soda (or lemonade) in your beer?
For many beer purists, this may be considered a sin, but a lot of europeans love this mix, specially in the summer.

Each country has its own name. In France and Switzerland, they call it Panaché. In Germany, the name is Radler and the Spanish call it Clara. In the English-speaking countries, this drink is known as Shandy, and sometimes the bars change the recipe and use ginger ale.

But it doesnt matter the name, this drink is always in the top list of any bar in Europe during the summer.

Panaché is a very light drink, very refreshing, ideal to this time of the year. And it is very simple to do at home: just mix some Sprite, 7-up or any other lemon soda with a light beer.

Maybe you should put your preconceived ideas aside and try this drink next time you are in a very hot summer day!

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