BE Beer Decoded project

When we taste a very nice beer that meets our taste, we always think that would be great to have all the beers from the other breweries that have that same special detail that created that unique experience, right?

We uses all the information possible: we compare beer styles, bitterness levels, opinions from friends or from internet websites….

But this might be not enough to find those beers that really speak to you!

Some scientists in Switzerland are trying to help us by classifying beers based on its DNA and creating a beer tree.

That’s right, they want to study the DNA of your beer!

The initiative is called BeerDeCoded. This is a scientific mission to identify the beer DNA.
According to them, Beers DNA comes from its ingredients: hops, grains, yeast, and other microbes, some of which form as a result of a specific brews fermentation process.

The scientists believe that mapping a beers DNA can give us unique, data-driven insights into what gives it its specific taste.

The idea is to map DNA from 1.000 beers so you to compare them and their flavour profiles along many dimensions.

But the group has an even more ambitious vision for the future. They want to have such a larger database of beer DNA to create a app that compares the biochemistry of the beer you like and find where your taste lies on the the tree of beers and give you suggestion.

Another positive information about this project is that all the results will be open to the public.  A few big companies are already doing similar work, but their results are essentially trade secrets.

The project is in Kickstarter seeking for funds. The budged necessary is €10.000,00 and they’ve already got more than 80% of this amount that comes from 72 people.

You can help in many ways. The simplest reward option costs only €5 and with that you can nominate a beer for analysis. If you are willing to spend some more money you can even request them to sequence your own beer (€79) or your line of beers!

The scientist’s forecast is that once the crowdfunding phase is complete the beer tree will be ready in 5 months. Beer enthusiasts should expect the first beta version of the beer tree on January of 2016.


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