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Finally! We put our hands on few bottles of the new Leffe beer, which generated so much controversy in the craft beer world - Leffe Royale Cascade IPA.

The famous Belgian brand, part of the giant brewer AB InBev, launched a new recipe on the market that has created a lot of discussion, displeasing many of its more purist consumers.

The new recipe is inspired by the most popular beer style in the United States, IPA, and even uses one of the most traditional hops for this style that comes from the State of Washington’s mountains - Cascade.

The Leffe Royale Cascade IPA didn’t please some market critics because they believe that a brand that represents the Belgian beer tradition, should not create a recipe that has nothing to do with the country’s history and also refers to the main style of the American craft breweries.

But views about the brand aside, we got some bottles and did a tasting with friends to seek several opinions on the new Leffe beer.

Our views turned out to be very similar: the beer has a pleasant citrus aroma, with few bitter notes, very characteristic of the cascade hops, which was also used in the dry Hopping in this recipe. But it is not as pronounced as it should be, getting very weak after a few seconds in the glass.

The beer has a beautiful golden color and a very interesting white head, but with one small problem: it is not very persistent.

The flavour has strong citrus notes from the American hops, but doesn’t have the bitterness level expected in this style, especially when compared with the IPAs using this hops in the United States. It even leaves a very light aftertaste, with some slight sugary notes.

The conclusion of our tasting group is that the beer is very good, brings the freshness of Cascade hops for European consumers. But it is not an IPA!

If youre used to American beers, don’t expect the same level of bitterness in this European recipe. But it is a good start to bring Europeans craft beer lovers closer to this traditional beer style in the United States that has been growing in many other countries.

26/01/2016 19:23:02
I Loved it!
Refreshing and a happy medium between a larger and a bitter. I have recently been in the states drinking Boston IPA. I am more than happy drinking leffes Royale, cascade IPA
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