Beer and crowdfunding
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Everyone who likes beer is already in the middle or have heard of the new global craft beer trend. And there is no way back: new craft breweries looking to create purer products and focused on quality (not only in sales and marketing) are created every day.

And everyone who is connected to the virtual world also knows crowdfunding, a practice typically used via internet to finance a project through contributions from a large number of people. In other words, a set of individuals who combine their economic power to support an organization, company or project they believe.

Today, these two trends are combining to further promote the craft beer market around the world. As we know, in many cases, the craft beers are created by small businesses without much capital power, or even by people who do not seek their livelihood in these projects, do so only for pleasure.

To make this kind of idea become reality, the crowdfunding becomes very interesting.

The North American brewery Stone managed to raise over 2.5 million dollars on a crowdfunding project to finance its internationalization project of the brand, with its new brewery in Berlin. Investors will receive exclusive bottles of the first beers to be produced in the new brewery. Each beer was developed in collaboration with another great craft brewery.

Some sites help breweries to raise funds for a new recipe, as does pretty well the website CrowdBrewed. In this site you find projects for new beers or even new small breweries.

A very interesting initiative comes from Brazil, called Social Beers. This is a crowdfunding platform 100% focused on the craft beer market.

Through it you can collaborate directly in some beer production, not only buying shares but also helping to create names, labels and recipes of the new brews that will hit the market. With your investment, you get in return gifts or even a few bottles of beer resulting from the project.

But in this project, you have more power of choice than a normal crowdfunding: this site helps you choose from the beer style all the way dow to the brewmaster!

Another idea is a little different and comes from the state of Wisconsin. Some friends have recently created a project called CraftFund. The idea of this crowdfunding is a little different from the others: despite being focused on craft beer, this site entitles the user to become a member of the brewery in question. Micro breweries usually seek this site to share a small percentage of your company in exchange for funding for business expansion.

In this line of reasoning, the best known example in the world is the United Kingdoms brewery, BrewDog. Through an exclusive platform they already managed more than 15,000 members and seeks to raise more than 25 million pounds!

Is this a good alternative route for micro breweries seek cheaper financing for their expansion and new creations, to stay alive in this very competitive market?


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