China on top!
BE Snow beer

In the last decade, the world beer market has changed a lot. In 2005, according to a study published by Bloomberg this week, American beers were the market leaders, with Bud Light in the first place, followed closely by its older sister, Budweiser. Interestingly, soon after it appeared the Brazilian Skol.

Today all these beers belong to the same brewery - AB InBev, which is the union of Brazilian Ambev, the Belgian Interbrew and Anheuser Busch. We should expect then that the giant brewer would have the lead in the current market, right?

Not so fast. In the last ten years, the world market saw growth of beer consumption in China. And there any consumption growth means huge volumes, local beers soon gained the top of the list, with its emphasis on the little-known beer Snow, from other giant - SAB MIller, which jumped 10 places in the ranking, reaching the equivalent of 5.4% of the world market. Second, comes another Chinese beer, a little more well known, Tsingtao, which came out of tenth place in 2005. The list has two more Chinese beers.

Another interesting fact is that the top 10 beers in the world in sales together account for almost 23% of the world market!

Following is the full list:

1st: Snow (China) - 5.4% of the world market;

2nd: Tsingtao (China) - 2.8% of the market;

3rd: Bud Light (USA) - 2.5%;

4th: Budweiser (USA) - 2.3%;

5th: Skol (Brazil) - 2.2%;

6th: Yanjing (China) - 1.9%;

7th: Heineken (Netherlands) - 1.5%;

8th: Harbin (China) - 1.5%;

9th: Brahma (Brazil) - 1.5%;

10th: Coors Light (USA) - 1.3%:


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