Who drinks more?

Who do you think drinks more? Man or woman? Poor or rich?

Do you think that socioeconomic status and gender has something to do with the quantity of alcohol that a person drinks?

It seems that those details can make a great difference on this habit.

The study Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use, created by the OECD - Organisation of Economic Cooperation, describes the alcohol consumption in different genders, socioeconomic status, education status and ethnic groups.

The research shows that people who are better educated and of higher socioeconomic status are more likely to drink alcohol than other.

And women of this category (rich and well educated) who abuses alcohol are more common than alcoholic women of lower socioeconomics status.

But for men, the opposite is true. Alcoholism is more present among men in lower socioeconomic status.

Another interesting point of the study that vanishes some preconceived ideas is that in general, people from minority ethnic groups drink less alcohol than the majority of the population.

The OECD study also states that there some estimates that suggest that alcohol related productivity losses are in the region of 1% of GDP in most countries.

Bit it os not only bad news for us, beer drinkers. The study says that while the impact of heavy drinking on labour outcomes is consistently negative, there is some evidence that moderate drinking have a positive impact, especially on wages.


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