BE Beerama machine

Do you like arcades? Did you at least enjoyed when you were younger?

Were these games part your life as a teenager?But these days you don’t feel connected to this kind of fun anymore, right?

Now imagine if at the end of each game the machine gives you a glass of your favorite beer at the right temperature?

This is exactly the idea of Beerama, a Brazilian company that comes from a small town in the south region of the country, which united arcade with beer.

The arcade comes only with one game developed by the company, but will receive new options during the year. It can be customized with stickers on the outside.In the game, the company can also make changes to include partner logos or new developers.

The company also works with rentals for all kind of establishments. The person who rents the arcade determines which beer will be served and the amount to be charged for a game. Beerama charges 10% of the estimated profit of the machine.

The arcade is programmed so that all coins result in a pint so that everyone is happy. If the match is a contest between two players, they themselves can decide whether to divide the glass or if the winner gets all.

The Beerama still at the beginning of their life, they believe they can produce something around 40 machines in 2015.

In the promotional video hereunder, the machine is customized with the logo from Tupiniquin brewery, one of the best Brazilian craft beers.

Unfortunately the details are all in Portuguese, but you can get the idea!

I believe we will see a lot of people interested in going back to arcade times as an excuse to have a nice beer!


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