Fête de la Bière in Vevey
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This weekend we were at a small craft beer festival in one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, Vevey, called Fête de la Bière (Beer Party).

Vevey is a wonderful town located between the Swiss and French mountains and on the magnificent Lake Leman (which also bathes Lausanne and Geneva) with unique charm.

The festival is organized in a premium city area in tents in the lakefront, where everyone can enjoy this great beer selection enjoying the stunning view.

The event is the responsibility of the "Association des Buveurs dOrges", a local association focused on the craft beer promotion, whether produced professionally or as amateurs.

The association has the fundamental support of two of the main craft beer importers in Switzerland to create a line-up of respect, with over 20 beers on tap and over 100 labels in bottles. This selection consists of beers from various regions of the world, ranging from the great classics, through the Swiss beers all the way to the modern breweries with great products that are successful worldwide.

The festival features many beers already well-known around the world as Maredsous, Chimay, Brewdog, Duvel and Sierra Nevada. But it also presents to the public some lesser-known breweries, which have great beers.

This is the case of the brewery Brouwerij De Molen, a small Dutch brewer with little more than 10 years of life that creates impressive recipes in small batches. We tasted the Pale Ale Cintra - a very balanced and aromatic ale; the Amerikaans ,with a bigger dose of bitterness. But the highlight is the Rhythm & Blues, a Barrel Aged Barley Wine very interesting with wonderful whiskey aromas and a strong but balanced flavour!

Another highlight was the "Cuvée des Jocobins", from the Belgian brewer Omer Vander Ghinste. It is created by a mixture of young and aged for at least 18 months spontaneous fermentation beers .

A sour beer of quality!

The festival highlights the Swiss craft beers as well. Of course the more established ones were present, such as BFM, Trois Dames and ChopFab. But you could find also the new wave of craft breweries from the region, such as Brasserie du Jorat, 7 Peaks, Officina de la Birra, Echee & Malt and La Nébuleuse.

The event had also some great music, creating a relaxed atmosphere so everyone could enjoy the great beer selection.

A great event for all beer lovers, for those who just like to have a beer to cool off on a hot day, of for those craft beer fans, who always seek more full-bodied beers and are always eager to taste new brews.

Next year, if you are in this region in May, be sure to stop by at this festival. You will love it!

Here are some photos of the festival and of some other beers we tasted!

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