SAB Miller bought Meantime
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Here we go again! It seems that we are posting only about this type of deals in our website…Sign of times!

Now the large company who bought a craft brewery is not AB InBev, but SAB Miller.

The world’s second biggest brewery has bought London’s Meantime Brewing Company.

Founded in 1999 in a flat in Greenwich, Meantime was already in expansion: its production increase in more than 50% in the last year. Now, SAB MIller has plans to expand Meantime’s modern brewery in Greenwich even more to enlarge its presence in the UK Market and even plans to export to other European countries. 
The giant company will use their new craft brewery to develop new brews for the whole group.

For now, the company will have the same CEO, Nick Miller. The idea is to send a message to the market that Meantime will keep its autonomy and unique way to create new recipes.

Nick made some comments about the acquisition: “SABMiller shares our passion for putting great beer first, and making, selling and marketing it responsibly to beer aficionados worldwide. The team at SABMiller have stressed how important our culture is to our success to date, and have a strong track record in retaining the special identities and heritage of the local businesses they’ve bought in the past.”

Sue Clark, Managing Director for SABMiller Europe, is very excited with the deal: “Meantime has been at the forefront of the modern craft beer movement in the UK and brews an outstanding range of beers across a variety of styles.”

This move puts SAB Miller in the premium part of the UK’s beer market, the fastest growing segment. The number of craft breweries has increased over 10% over each of the past few years, reaching 1.200.

But this is not their first big deal in this segment in the last few years. They already bought Pilsner Urquell, the company who invented one of the most popular beer styles around the world.

The acquisition includes Meantime’s retail sites: the Tasting Room and the brewery shop in Greenwich; the Greenwich Union pub; Beerbox pub, and the Brewery Fresh tank beer concept, which is now in 26 pubs across London.

The companies didn’t disclose financial details of the transaction.


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