And we have a new Trappist Beer!
BE Tre Fontane trappist beer

The 4th of May 2015 marks the birth of a new trappist beer.

The General Meeting from the International Trappist Association was the place of the official beer tasting that was followed by a vote by the members of the Board of Directors allowing the Tre Fontane Abbey to use the Authentic Trappist Product" label on the new Trappist beer.

The new beer has 8,5% of ABV and is described by the Association like this:

“The high carbonation gives the mouthfeel a pleasant dry finish. The mildly sweet aftertaste comes from the soothing flavor of eucalyptus herb, which cleanses and refreshes the palate. While the beer gives the impression of being light, it has abundant body. The high alcohol content adds a warm, refined feeling to the soothing highlights of the eucalyptus.”

This is the third Abbey with a brewery accepted in the International Trappist Association in the last few years.

In 2013 Maria Toevlucht Abbey created Zundert Trappist, a copper-gold top fermented beer with 8% ABV. In the same year, the Association announced the first Trappist beer in the United States for America, Spencer Trappist Ale.

The list keeps getting longer. Here is the list nowadays:

Archel (Belgium)

Chimay (Belgium)

La Trappe (Netherlands)

Orval (Belgium)

Rochefort (Belgium)

Westmalle (Belgium)

Westvleteren (Belgium)

Engelszell (Austria)

Spencer (United States)

Zundert (Netherlands)

Tre Fontane (Italy)

12/05/2015 16:52:38
The list is missing the french trappist brewery called Mont De Cats. The Trappist associations website list all the Monasteries and if they brew or not.

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