Hops for your beer?
BE Hops ABAG 05

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own hops fields for your beer production?

And what if this production was made within an area focused on sustainable and organic development of the region you live?

ABAG, Geneva’s Homebrewers Association, sees this possibility and created a partnership with a local company to develop the project.

Now with over 30 members ranging from professional brewers, experienced home brewers and beginners, ABAG chose Mamajah to develop a hops plantation in the most natural way possible. An important asset to create a local beer, with raw materials from the region.

Mamajah is a company focused on sustainable development located on 3 acres in the town of Bernex, next to Geneva, in Switzerland. It develops a vegetable garden and an orchard of ancient and unique regional varieties.

Its products are available for consumption at local events and also for purchase. This company also has a bamboo and rattan production, which supplies local craft market and the production of its ecological tents that you can rent for your events.

Within this garden was created a beautiful test structure with over 100 plants of three hops varieties.

These plants were the result of a partnership between the association and the local government in 2014.

The government created some spaces in the city to bring the residents of the urban area closer to the agricultural production and its benefits. One of these areas was the "Champ de la biere" an outdoor microbrewery in the middle of a hops plantation with public brews every weekend during the summer.

After the end of the event, all the plants were transferred to Mamajah and this partnership was born.

Along with the hops, the partners of the association also planted barley expecting to provide raw material for a malt house that can open its doors in the region soon.

This year the Association will reap its first batch of hops grown in the organic garden.

Here are a few photos of the place and the beginning of the small plant growth!


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