MillerCoors is sued because of Blue Moon
BE Blue Moon Logo

A lawsuit, filed few days ago in California is creating a lot of controversy among the beer community not only in the USA, but also abroad.

A consumer claims that he was buying Blue Moon thinking that this was a craft beer. According to the lawsuit, the brewery’s ads with the slogan “artfully crafted”, price and placement among craft beers led the consumer to believe that Blue Moon is a craft beer, violating California’s Consumer Act.

The giant brewery is also accused of deceptive and misleading advertising and unfair business practices.

The lawsuit also mentions that the name Miller Coors is not mentioned anywhere: bottle labels, boxes or website. It also notes that while Blue Moon Co. is a small brewery located inside Coors Field in Denver, the beer sold across the country is produced in many larger breweries owned by the giant brewery.

This might be the first time a brewery is sued regarding the rights to claim the craft beer name. If MillerCoors looses this battle, the highway could be open to other consumers sued breweries for misleading ads.

Let’s wait for the next episodes!


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