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Few days ago, a consumer in California sued MillerCoors because he tough that Blue Moon was a craft beer.

He claims that there is not a single reference to the giant brewery anywhere and the only address is the pilot facility for small batches located at Denver’s Coors Field.

This brings back the discussion regarding the definition of craft beer. Is it OK for a brewery like MillerCoors says that Blue Moon is “artfully crafted”?

How big or how independent must a brewery be in order to be called craft beer?

Some people simple think that craft beer is a beer not brewed by one of the giant breweries that has business everywhere.

The Brewers Association in the USA, describes a Craft Brewery as small, independent and traditional. To fill in that category, a brewery should produce less than 6 million barrels annually. The brewery also cannot have more than 25% participation of another alcoholic beverage industry member.

The volume of production to be considered craft by the Association was 2 million. This was also the number used by the Federal tax code as a maximum for a brewery produce to receive a discount in their taxes and a small business growth incentive.

But few years ago, some of its members exceed this number and now we see the new number in place.

Think about it: 6 million barrels! How can a brewery produce this amount and not have the same production standard controls of the giant breweries?

Of course the recipes, focus and market orientation are different, but it is a large brewery indeed.

But at the end quality should be the final factor here. You should buy the beer you like. There are quite a lot of craft breweries that fit most of the descriptions that brew bad beers. (We’ve tasted some horrible ones, believe me!) And there are some beers that are from bigger breweries or were acquired in the last few years that are just as good as any craft beer but can’t fill into this category.

And we need to think that what makes a beer good for you can be different from what makes a beer good for the others.

Of course, if your local brewery makes great beers, great! This is the best world, right? You can support your local community and enjoy a nice product!

But sometimes this is not the case…. So, I would say, just make it simple: drink the beer you like!


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