BrewDog is going to the USA
BE Dog Bless America

Martin Dickie and James Watt, owners of BrewDog have ambitious plans for the next few years. They’ve just launched a project to sell shares of their brewery to raise £52 million (US$ 80 million) to finance their expansion.

The expansion package includes a bigger brewery in UK, a canned beer range, new bars across the globe, a distillery, a sour beer facility, a hotel and….. a brewery in the USA. The project forecasts a $3 million budget for such production facility.

For few months, there was a rumor that the Scottish were planning to go to America; especially after their TV program Brew Dogs had a great success on TV and more people is learning their path through beer.

And it seems that the company is going to Ohio, more specific to Columbus. The city is situated in a very strategic place: almost half of the US population is based within 500 miles of Columbus.

This week, with the launch of the new shares, a project called Equity for Punks (you can learn about it in this post), BrewDog posted this in their website:

“We are also delighted to announce that we are looking for a site in Columbus, Ohio that would house our USA production brewery. We will hopefully be able to provide you all with more of an update on this as soon as we can. In the meantime, we will continue to work hard to make this plan a reality!”

And they also explain a bit about their entrance plan in their official document Share Offer Information, which is the guideline for someone who wants to buy some shares:

“With the success of our TV show in the US, more people stateside want to get their hands on BrewDog beers. We intend to establish a small brewing operation to help them do just that. This launch in the States would enable us to continue to grow our business in the world’s biggest craft beer market. We believe there is a huge thirst for BrewDog beer in America, and this move would be the perfect way to help quench it.”

We tried to talk to them to check the status of the BrewDog USA project and this is the official answer we got:

“Hey dude, this is still in discussion at the moment, so unfortunately we wouldnt be able to give you any further details at this stage. However, when this is finalized well make sure all the info goes on the blog.”

So let’s wait and see their next steps. But it seems that this deal is almost closed.


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