Brooklyn Brewery continues international expansion
BE ECD and Brooklyn

This week, Brooklyn Brewery announced that they will brew in Norway!

The Americans created joint brewery with Carlsberg to rebuild EC Dahls Brewery in Trondheim, Norway.

This is not the first time this two breweries made a deal. Last year they teamed up to open Nya Carnegiebryggeriet in Stockholm, Sweden. And even before that, the European giant was already Brooklyn’s distributor in the region.

“This is great news for the E.C. Dahls brewery, and great news for beer lovers in Norway and beyond”, says Jørn Tolstrup Rohde, Senior Vice President for Western Europe at Carlsberg Group.

Dahls was founded in 1856 and has become an important regional brewery with a traditional pilsner as the main beer.

According to Brooklyn’s press release, the brewery intent to keep“…this storied history while infusing the new venture with the spirit of brewing creativity and innovation that have become hallmarks of Brooklyn Brewery around the world. The new E.C. Dahls will blend American and Norwegian culinary cultures to create new beers that we’ll enjoy brewing and we believe Norwegian beer fans will enjoy drinking.”

Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn’s brewmaster and beer celebrity is also very excited: “The new E.C. Dahls will celebrate the great tradition of Dahls and bring the brewery and its portfolio into the thriving world of craft beer. Norway already has a great beer scene, and we’re really excited to become an even more active part of it.”

As in Stockholm at NCB, there will be no Brooklyn brewed in Norway but visitors will be able to have Americans brews in the tasting room.

The companies expect the new EC Dahls brewery to be fully up and running in the late summer of 2016.


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