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BrewDog is in the market again with their project Equity for Punks IV.

The idea is simple, normal people can invest in their business to help the brewery to grow and achieve the next business steps they have forecasted: they will build a bigger brewery in UK and another in the US, develop their canned beer range, open new bars around the world, a hotel and a sour beer facility.

Here is the document with all the details:

The company has been very successful in finding a segment for its products across the globe. This is the fastest growing food & drinks manufacturer in the UK over the last four years.

The brewery is aiming to raise £25 million by issuing over 500.000 new shares.

You don’t need to be a rich person to invest in BrewDog, you can buy 2 shares for £95 (around Us$145). And the maximum that you can buy online is 210 shares.

Besides the fact that you own part of BrewDog (a very tiny little part, it is true), you get discounts on their website and in their bars around the world. They give you a £10 coupon so you can buy a couple beers! They even give you a beer on your birthday every year!

You also will have first options on all new beers and will be able to participate in The Shareholder brew day.

But be aware that the company is not listed on any stock exchange so all the rules that you might know about stock market don’t apply to this project. For example, you have the opportunity to sell your stocks via their trading platform once a year.

The brewery makes clear that whey won’t pay any dividends in the near future, since they will reinvest all profits to fuel future growth.

Of course founders and staff owns more than 75% of the company, so you won’t have a saying into the company’s future.

The offer will close on 20 April 2016 and is open across Europe.

Take a look at this funny video that explains the project.

19/01/2021 10:17:40
If you have already bought shares, either in EFP I, or more recently in EFP II, you can always buy more and increase your shareholding. To do this, you need to set up a new account at the check-out and payment stage. However, we will recognise your details and ensure that your investments are conveniently consolidated into one shareholding for you.

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