Beer Tasting: Duvel Triple Hop 2015
BE Duvel Triple Hop 2015

Few weeks ago we posted the new Duvel Triple Hop 2015 launch. As you might know, the new version has Equinox hops as the extra ingredient. (Here is our old post about this beer)

It took a bit long to get our hands on a bottle but we finally got then in our trip to Alsace last week.

Yesterday was one of the first warm days with a great late afternoon of the year here in Geneva. Perfect time for our Duvel tasting!

When we poured down into the glass, the first thing we could see was the really beautiful, persistent and white foam, consisted with the regular Duvel. The beautiful golden colour also resembles the original recipe. But the similarities end here.

Then the aroma gets to you! Very strong hop aroma with great citrus notes with some hints of peppers.

When you taste it the citrus comes first in the mouth and the bitterness comes right after. The taste is smooth and you can also feel some grassy notes.

And it finishes with warming alcohol, citrus notes and some light hoppy taste.

This year’s version is less bitter than last year’s one due to this new hops’ choice.
A very interesting beer! If you have a change, you should try!!!

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