Le Mousse des Moines
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Do you know a beer blessed by the Pope?

We are not talking about one of the beers made by monks in the monasteries. This is a beer with the official Apostolic Blessing from the Vatican!

A French brasserie, from Alsace, Brasserie de Saint Louis, managed the achievement, calling the Vaticans attention with one of its creations: Le Mousse des Moines (Monks’ foam).
Despite its name indicates a link with the monks, this is not a similar beer with the Abbey or Trappist Belgian beers.

It has all the characteristics to be another beer from this great French bewery, but a detail differentiates it from other: the brewery uses host in its production.

Thats right! The brewery uses the sacramental bread of the Catholic Church to create its beer!

Some bottles were sent to the Vatican, and to the surprise of all, the Pope sent a reply blessing the beer, the brewery and all of their workers!

Below is the translation of the letter:

"I come to express the gratitude of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the delicate attention you showed by sending him a package containing several bottles of craft beer Le Mousse des Moines, produced in your facilities.
Sensitive to this gesture, the Holy Father wants you to see your efforts rewarded, asking the Lord to fill you with his gifts, he gives you and your family and all the staff of your company, the Apostolic Blessing."

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