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Everybody knows that beer is made out of grains, right? Most of the times are made with barley and wheat.

And what does these grains have in common with spelt, rye and oats? All of them contain gluten.

But some people have intolerance to gluten, called Celiac disease. In the Celiac body, the gluten proteins trigger an immune response in the small intestine. The only available treatment is to avoid food with gluten.

So, that means that a celiac cannot have some of the best treats in our live, such as bread, cake and….BEER?!!!

No, no… the chefs are working really hard to find ways to prepare gluten-free recipes to help those individuals, brewers are also doing their homework and creating options to let celiacs drink a beer without any serious consequences.

Initially, some companies have created gluten-filtering processes, which created low-gluten beers but they were not at all safe for celiac sufferers

The most common solution is to use some grains that are gluten-free. Brewers remove barley and wheat from their recipes and add sorghum, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, rice or corn as sugar source.

As these cereals are easy to find around the world, the question is not the difficulty in producing a gluten-free beer, but in making it sufficiently tasty and appealing to consumers.

Gluten-free beer is typically made using gluten-free sorghum extract, concentrated syrup processed by malting companies.

Some companies created a technique to remove gluten from barley malt, leaving a better taste in some cases.

It is important to explain that in the European Union, United Kingdom, and in the USA, a beer can only be labeled as gluten-free only when it has less then 20PPM of problematic protein. Some countries are stricter in their policy. This is the case of Australia, where only beers with no detectable gluten can be labeled gluten-free.

Here are some examples of gluten free beers that you can find in the market:

Ipswich Ale Brewery: Celia Saison

Green’s Gluten Free Beers: Enterprise Dry-Hopped Lager

Estrella Damm: Daura

Dogfish Head Craft: Tweason’ale

Harvester Brewing: IPA No. 2

Glutenberg: India Pale Ale

Brouwerij Huyghe Mongozo Premium Pilsener

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